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Become a Bayzat Benefits customer and save AED 2,000 on the renewal of your company license

Bayzat Benefits saves you time and money by managing your:  
  • Employee Records
  • Health Insurance
  • Time-Off
  • Payroll Processing

....at no cost!

We help 100's of companies such as Delta Partners, Taqado, The Legal Group, HolidayMe save time and money. Join our growing list of satisfied customers today! 

See what Bayzat Benefits can do for you:



Employee Records

Never miss another employee document expiry again through hands-free employee records management whilst using Bayzat's revolutionary OCR technology. 


Health Insurance

Access, learn and navigate the company health insurance policy at a click of a button.


Time Off

Eliminate the cumbersome process of managing leave requests and introduce a consolidated record of accounts for both employer and employee. 


Payroll Processing 

Automate your payroll management and disburse your salaries each month in an accurate, safe and secure way. 



Provide your employees the freedom to choose when they get paid each month.



Have a clear picture of employee attendance in real-time, through Bayzat Benefits.